About the blogger.



Hello there fellow blogger! My name is Anel, but you can call me Nellie. My name explains my whole personality, basically Nellie means a silly person, I went and googled my name’s meaning on Urban Dictionary, (I love the definitions that the urban dictionary gives and I am your-go-to-Google-girl) so it says, Nellie is a very intelligent and creative person, sometimes stubborn and often pessimistic. And this is me. My blog runs very tightly with who I am, I love trying out DIY projects, learning of the meaning that clothes hold and how fashion communicates more about a person. This blog is your everyday go to blog, it includes articles from all the era’s, how to articles and a fun read on the latest fashion. My blog is called Quirk it, and quirk means a characteristic that makes one special and it means a person that acts strange or has a strange behaviour- I want my blog to make people feel special by keeping up with the latest trends and learning more of one self based on your sense of fashion- we all wear clothes to look unique and different, don’t we?


My sense of fashion as a child was all over the place, my outfits never matched and my mom always said that I look like a person living from the streets, because you know if you have a favourite piece of clothing you will wear it everyday, no matter how worn out and ugly it might get – and that is who I am, I attach quite a lot of sentimental value to my clothes, accessories and shoes. I feel that fashion, beauty and trends can represent who a person is, based on what you wear – you are showing the world who you are.

I don’t really wear brands, I am all about quantity and not quality and I love wearing comfortable clothes rather than pretty items that are not really wearable. I love taking photos, doing makeup on myself and others, I enjoy arts and crafts projects, I love a walk in the nature and I love animals, all kinds, I really want a monkey one day- so bad!! I love criminal shows and series and my favourite magazine is Vogue and Elle. If I am done with my studies, I hope to become a magazine editor or writer for a magazine such as Elle, and I do believe that blogging is good practice!


I hope you find a lot of inspiration, tips and relevant information on my blog about who you are, how your personality is represented through clothes and well information on the latest trends and fashion of today, the future and the past!

Have a good read!