The name of my blog is Quirkitsite, the word quirk refers to an unusual habit or way of behaving. My personas are therefor people who dress differently from the mass and who has the need to look unique.

My blog focuses on young girls and woman who want to dress fashionable but with an affordable overview on clothes and woman who wants to know more about the history of clothes, trends and make-up. The trends and make-up looks that are posted, incorporate a certain personality of the person wearing the items and my readers will learn which era, clothes and make-up trends will suit them the best.

The blog is written from a student’s point of view who studies fashion and thus the blog will be able to give an authentic representation of fashion trends and styles for girls between the ages of 16 to woman who are 40 years old.

My blog concept evolves around fashion with links to make-up, national celebrated days and ‘do it yourself’ projects which makes life a little bit more affordable. Articles to my blog will be posted twice a week which will result into a big variety of articles, events and trends. There will be 8 or 9 new posts every month based around a theme of colours, an era, a season and trends.

I was inspired by Chiara Ferragni’s blog, The Blonde Salad. Her blog is fun and quirky and always ahead of the latest trends and fashion.