1970’s fashion: Easy-breezy.

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The month of September is dedicated to florals, spring, blossoms, fresh and the 1970’s fashion. The 1970’s inspired fashion items are on our runways. This article will first give some background on who wore it in the 70’s, who is making it now and of coarse where you can buy it. I researched a few designers and my favourite key pieces from the 70’s that stood out for me were the white maxi dress, bell  sleeves, the vest and the peasant blouse. These items are so easy to piece up with other garments and are breezy for the spring summer of 2017!

The bohemian white dress was definitely a show stopper in the 1970’s and today the heads still turn. Bianca Jagger partied with her white maxi dress in the 1977 with big shoulders, a deep v-line and high slit. The white maxi dresses seen on the runways of Giambattista Valli,Lior Charchy and Zimmermann. Lior Charchy’s design is for a wedding dress which I feel is not appropriate at all for a wedding dress, with that deep V-line and high slit there will be nothing to look forward to on the honeymoon, if you know what I mean. These maxi dresses are created with lace, embellishments and love. I’m in love with the dresses! From the 1970’s dress which Bianca wore, until now, not much has changed.



Ali MacGraw loved the dress with the bell sleeves in the 70’s and today the designers, such as Veronica Etro , Brandon Maxwell and Andrew Gn are using bell sleeves on their runways which grabs the attention of the viewer and just adds that touch of perfection.



Mia Farrow wore a funky vest over her floral dress. The vest is sleeveless and is almost similar to a pullover, expect that the front side is open. The vest is seen in the runway shows of Giambattista Valli , Alexander McQueen and D&G’s Spring Summer matrix dance.



Farrah Fawcett loved wearing her peasant blouses with denim jeans.The peasant blouse is now seen on the runway shows of and Roberto Cavalli. Sonia Rykiel and Hellessy are definitely staying in the yellow colour trend zone. (Check out my previous article on the colour trend yellow Yellow trend .)

I am loving it! The silhouette of the peasant blouse is loosely fitted and is great for Spring and Summer.





16 thoughts on “1970’s fashion: Easy-breezy.

  1. I’m LIVING for each of these trends, I can’t pick up my favourite 😀 Maybe the white boho dress? I don’t know! Would you mind check out my page? We can follow each other and be internet friends, I’d mean the world to me 🙂
    Love, Mimi


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    1. I’m also in love with the 70s trend! Thank you so much. This is truly such a big compliment 😊😀😎 you made my day. And with feedback like this it really makes the blogging experience worth it🌻😝🎁 thanks so much. I appreciate it a lot💐

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    1. Awh this is such a big compliment! 😍🤗 the fashion eras are always being repeated! I can just imagine how cool it was to live through the 70s. I wish I could live in the 20s. That my Era! 🤗🎉 thank you for reading and supporting my blog🌼🤗

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