YES to Yellow! (H&M shopping spree)



In the previous article : It is yellow o’clock, I shared some knowledge and insight on the latest spring trends which was seen on the runways, but then I thought there is no purpose on sharing information on the runway trend alone, I have to share some information or where these beautiful, sunny, vibrant, yellow key pieces can be purchased, so that we all can look like rays of sunshine walking down the cat walks.




1.Knee-length jersey dress with spaghetti straps in a vibrant yellow colour will definitely make the heads swing! The dress is available at H&M for only R 229.

2.If you want to play safe with the colour choice, this off the shoulder blouse is ideal. The blouse has a hint of yellow but is not to overwhelming and can be paired with a cute pair of shorts. The off-the-shoulder blouse only costs R 379.

3.The Lyocell shorts are available in a bright yellow, these shorts are just perfect for summer with a floral blouse. I am in love with these shorts. The price on these shorts are R 329.

4.The easiest way to wear yellow is…. In the shoes. These pair of sling backs costs R 249, open heel and closed toe. These shoes can be paired with any items. If I had to be honest I think I would end up wearing the shoes more often than the pants or dress or top, since I do believe it is just more diverse.

5.And finally, the pair of sunnies for the sunny trend, these sunglasses only cost R99. This is such a bargain, I really thought that they would be more expensive, due to the trend being so popular at the moment.

  • All items are available at H&M, at mall of Africa. What garment is your favourite and would you purchase any of these products?

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