Neutral is the name of the game.

1bThe 70s gals preferred to draw more attention to their dramatic eyes which was full of shimmer and their lips were glossy or frosted in  muted shades of pink, peach, or even nude. Lips were almost transparent and lip liner was a definite no-no!! During the 70’s women wanted to achieve a very natural look. (Which follows on my previous blog post on hoe to do the no makeup makeup look, which was posted on 1 September.)



How to look like you are from the 70’s.

The top three focus areas of this look is the hair, eyes and skin.

1.The skin should be kept dewy for radiance and the colour should be kept light.

2.The hair is big, messy and curly, alternate the size of your curls; place the curls in different direction and loosen them up with your fingers.

3.The eyes are covered in shimmer shadows on the top eyelids across your lid and blend under the lower lash line. Mascara is placed on the bottom and top lashes. Groom, brush and keep the brows natural by only filling in.






  • Women during the 1970’s wanted a tanned, athletic and natural look. The look had to be simple and effortless, even though effort was required. Women achieved a tanned look by using a natural-looking bronzer.
  • Shimmer’s in the colour of natural peaches and pinks were used to highlight the apples of the cheeks.
  • A natural sheer foundation was used to match the colour of the skin.
  • Lips remained pale in shades of peachy tones and pinks and glossy vibrant colours in the evenings.
  • The eyes were emphasized with heavy pastel creams and thick liners in the evening



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