‘NO makeup’ makeup look.

1aYay! Happy 1st of September, which means it is the first day of spring for us as South Africans. The sun is out and about, the flowers are blossoming, the birds are chirping… and yes your mascara is smudging, your foundation is sweating off and your liner is running.

With it being the first day of Spring, I decided to do a no-makeup makeup look, which we as girls can wear in the spring and in the summer, because we too still want to look our very best.

There was this whole movement of celebrities doing the no makeup look; but I am pretty sure, I don’t look as amazing as what they look like without makeup, they still look radiant, have a flush of color, they are wrinkle free, eyebrows on fleek and they actually look awake!



If the Mother of Dragons can pull of this look, so can we. I am going to share my no makeup-makeup look with you.

Step 1: Prime your face.

By using a primer, you ensure that your makeup face wont slide of due to the sun making you sweat. Apply the primer by patting it in the face to push the product into your skin.

Step 2: Conceal

Concealer is used to cover those dark circles under they eyes or sun spots or even blemishes. By concealing the problem areas and spots, there is no need to cover the whole face with foundation but you can just cover the spots which you would like to disappear and just blend-blend-blend, to make the face seem seamlessly.

Step 3: Magical beauty marks.

The beauty guru Desi Perkins shared this secret; if you have a big bad blemish that is just staring at you, change that frog into a prince, by dabbing on some pencil liner and pretend for it to be a beauty mark. It might seem funny, but you know if you are in a difficult situation you will do the strangest things.

Step 4: the flush of youth.

Instead of contouring which can sometimes make you look dirty rather apply moisturized highlights which is a more flattering form of contouring. Add a little highlight on the bridge of the nose, or on the top of the cupid’s bow or even across the collarbone.

Step 5: The finer details, comb and groom your eyebrows, you can add a little color to them but don’t shape them too much, only fill them in so that they look natural. Add a lip-gloss or a nude shade of lipstick to bring color to the lips and add one coat of mascara.

This is your no makeup makeup look, which will only enhance your features.


How do you feel about this, should the no makeup makeup look include makeup at all ? And are you comfortable with wearing no makeup on a daily basis ?

Thanks for reading xx


10 thoughts on “‘NO makeup’ makeup look.

  1. I am 35 and do zero makeup any day. I agree with you that contour can make the face look dirty. Personally, I feel contouring ages my face a lot and I don’t like how it looks at all. *I am South African too 😀 It is autumn for me though, I’ve moved to Paris.

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    1. I think that is great that you have the confidence to do a no makeup day. Contouring and highlighting the faces changes the depth and shadows of the face completely. The light and dark colors creates an illusion which I feel only works with some people. The skills has not been taught to me yet😂 awh that’s awesome🏠🇿🇦 it is great to b speaking to a local. I hope all goes well for you in Paris🌻 take care x

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  2. I love the no-makeup look… either by actually wearing no makeup, or I just use a few things like under eye concealer, mascara, brow gel, and BB cream with SPF. Thanks for sharing! Most celebs look amazing without makeup, the advantages of being rich and beautiful! x

    -Helene | https://angelspartaness.com/

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    1. The advantages of being able to pamper and do face masks and to purchase expensive oils and creams and anti aging products. I also feel that the no makeup look can be done easier by women with flawless, healthy glowing skin. But if it is a problematic skin more effort and product is required for the same results. 😊💖👏 thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts x

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