Mercedes Benz Fashion week.

People will stare, make it worth their while.

This best describes the Mercedes Benz fashion week.

My eyes were fixated on the looks from the runway to the designers and the guests.

The MBFW celebrated a decade of African fashion excellence. It has been three days of hard work, fun and fashion. Thank to Lisof and AFIsa for giving me the opportunity to attend the event.

My favourite outfit from the whole event was Nicola Cooper, who is a trend analysts who was dressed in all black outfit with a military feel to it. My favourite makeup look was a woman which goes under the name of the BIG BAD WOLF on Instagram and Facebook and she is a brand ambassador for Mr. Price. While everyone else were focusing on lips as the main feature, she made her eyes the focal point. Her eye makeup was an ombre shade of pink with a soft pink lip. What is there not to love!


At the event it was all about squad goal, dressing up, standing as a squad and taking on the world.


Some of the trends which I spotted at the event from the guests was definitely the colour red! From lips to shoes, dresses to hats and from head to toe. Red was definitely the colour must worn at the event.


Combining black and white was also a big trend at the event, which gave the appearance of being classy and chic.



The guests also had a lot of fun with the colour yellow. A splash of yellow colour here and there really brightened up those outfits.


All shades of pink were welcome at the event, from rose quartz, the dogwood pink and magenta. The colour pink was worn a lot from day one right through to day three.


Floral print had to be one of the biggest trends from the guests right through to all the runway shows. The floral print is going to be big this spring and summer season!


With this event you could also see who the true fashion lovers are, because despite the fact that it was 8/9 degrees outside with cold winds, that did not stop some of the guests changing their outfits due to cold weather. They rocked their outfits shoiwing the cold shoulder!


So as a conclusion I think it is clear to state that the guests at the show predicted some of the Spring/Summer 2017-2018 trends, since the majority of guests had a similar look and feel.

In South Africa we will be seeing a lot of colours which varies from yellow, to reds and pink. Black and white combination outfits will also be big during the summer. And of coarse the floral print and cold shoulder will be seen. we hope that the summer is a  lot warmer to show off those shoulders.

What do you think the biggest trends for Spring/Summer 2017-2018 will be?


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