National dog day!

Good morning. This post is dedicated to all dog lovers celebrating national dog day on the 26 of August. National dog day celebrates all breeds, sizes and types of dogs which has the purpose to make people aware of all the dogs in shelters and without homes.

Dogs are really much more than only your favourite companion., some dogs put their lives on the line for us everyday – for their law enforcement partner, for the blind companion, for the disabled, for our freedom and safety by detecting bombs and drugs.


This is my beautiful puppy, Lucy. She is a pure bread bullterrier and I would like to draw attention to the misperception that the public has with these dogs. They are not dangerous or evil or made to be fighter, but sadly, they were trained to be fighters. I am so in love with my puppy and even though she is almost a year she has only brought me love. Lucy’s brother I sold to a lovely couple living in Limpopo and every once in a while they send me photos of him running on the farm or drinking cow’s milk after a long day. He really has the perfect live.


A while ago, I decided to adopt these two bullterriers from a lady and man living in Springs, they had to move and couldn’t take the dogs with them. I knew that since these bullterriers are all grown out and that they are considered to be dangerous animals, that they would not make in long in a shelter or even be considered to be adopted, so I drove out to Springs, got the dongs in the car on the back seat and brought them home. At first it was really difficult, since they did not want to listen to me and they were extremely rough, jumping me over, biting and running you out of the way. But with time and love they calmed down and became such a pleasure. The female is called Molly and the male is Diesel, I unknowingly adopted these two dogs without knowing that Molly is pregnant. After she gave birth to Lucy and Diesel junior we spayed her and when Lucy turned six moths we spayed her as well. These animals are such protectors, they love to exercise and they always keep you company in the kitchen. I have had these dogs for about a year and a half and they bring me so much laughter and love.


This is Sheeba, she is not really my dog, but she lives on the plot’s with us and although it is our neighbours dog, I consider her to be one of my own. She growls like a wolf and she can talk hours with me and I really do try hard to understand. She is such an intelligent dog and wow, isn’t she gorgeous. I wish I could adopt her too, but she is quite happy with her owners and at least I get to see her everyday.


The fifth dog which I own is Zeus, he is a Rottweiler and we also got him from a couple that had to move to a smaller place and could not take him with. We got him as a grown out dog and even though he is big and is considered to be an adult dog he still believes that he is a puppy. If I go to sit on the floor next to me he ends up sitting on my lap, he enjoys long showers with me since he doesn’t do good in a bath tub since he does not fit in and he ends up slashing the whole bathroom under water. I would really recommend to people considering to adopt, to not always just assume that big dogs are dangerous and too much trouble due to their size, their harts are just as big as small dogs, they too like to cuddle and to play!

116Then finally, my baby boy. I bought him in 2010 for R300 from a lady. And when I saw this little one, he was the lonely puppy, sitting in the corner and crying while all of the other puppies were running around and playing. He sleeps with me in bed every night, he waits outside the bathroom door while I shower and drives around with me everywhere. He is my second shadow. His name is Pikkie and he is suppose to be a pure bred dachshund, but I doubt it. He has a few mixed blood lines, but this doesn’t make me love him any less.


Beside spoiling your dog today, here are some fashionable items you can use in order to celebrate national dog day. Wear your paw prints and make your dog’s tail wag! Be the person that your dog thinks you are.

You can paint your nails with dog, paw or puppy motifs, you can wear a cool printed dog shirt. How cute are those dog socks and vans, I definitely need a pair of those. Further more you can stylise your outfit with a dog purse of dog hand bag and even add dog accessories.

And finally I got some great pictures about runway shows including dog prints and an actual dog.

Stella-McCartney’s 2017 resort included dog silhouettes on her shirts, dresses and skirts.

Libertine Fall/2016 Ready-to-Wear included doggies on the coat and Manish Arora Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show included an actual doggie on the runway.

How are you going to spoil your dog on National dog day? And would you consider adopting a dog instead of buying. Please share your doggie stories, I am such a dog lover and would love to hear from you and your four pawed friends.

You can visit my Instagram page to see more photos of my cute four pawed friends,

Or search me at @anelvanvuuren.


6 thoughts on “National dog day!

  1. So precious!!! I want a dog so badly. When I was going to the grocery store yesterday I saw a man with a beaaaaautiful golden retriever in the back of his Jeep. He allowed me to pet her, and she was so soft and friendly 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha I’m also that person that constantly want to pet stranger’s dogs. Dogs are such a pleasure. They always cheer up one’s day but it’s also so difficult if you want to go way for holidays and stuff😕

      Liked by 1 person

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