The mother-daughter dream team!

The designers Shana Morland and Stefania Morland, who is the mother, build a household name based on original and exclusive designs. Stefania Morland established her business in Cape Town eight years ago and included her daughter, Shana Morland as a team member, four years ago. Their romantic collection really made me excited for my Spring/Summer 2017 and 2018 wardrobe! Stefania and Shana Morland showcased their Spring/Summer 2017 fashion show at Mall of Africa on the 19th August during the Mercedez Benz Fashion Week. The show was all about warm colours, romanticism and floral inspiration for the spring/summer season that is finally here!


Stefania Morland’s show started off with designs which included stripes and lines horizontally in pastel colours. Her designs included a lot of yellows and baby blues. The models wore tassels and head pieces. The fashion show followed the bright vibrant yellows, with muted brown colours, floral head bands and see through shirts. I really loved all of the yellow outfit on the runway. I cant wait to dress myself up in yellow from head to toe!

I assume that this was Stefania’s interpretation of a summer night out, since the garments was more luxurious and glamorous. The colours then transformed further into black, which included black sequins on the pants, dress and shirt.

The show started off with small head bands which grew into bigger florals which was placed on the model’s head and finally the show stopper was revealed. If there is one thing that the mother and daughter do good is end a show with a bang! The show ended with a model walking down the runway with a big headpiece made from beads and florals which she had to balance on her head. The dress had a deep-V neckline and A-line skirt shape which was big and poofy. The dress was filled with floral embroidery, beads and the dress was a muted brown/ orange/ burn sienna colour. The model’s eyes really pop and I loved the purple lipstick which she had on. A strong theme which was seen through the garments were Frida Kahlo inspired prints, florals and colours, with a Mexican vibe to it.

What do you think about Stefania Morland’s designs, do you love it, feel it is average or hate it. Share your thoughts and let us learn from each other and influence each other.


Shana Morland created trendy,dreamy, fantasy-like women’s streetwear garments by using high quality fabrics and she kept all of the garments new, fresh and unique. Shana Morland’s runway show started off with models dressed in white garments. The white dresses were made from lace and silk and had finer detail of flowers which was embroided on the garments. The show started off with white dresses which are knee height. The collection colours then transformed from the white dresses to a light blue and carried on to a darker blue with floral embellishments on the top pieces of the dresses. The models looks were also finished off with flower hair pieces. The last few garments of the show consisted of the colours black, which included longer dresses with lace, see through fabrics and floral decorations.

The final garment was a big white ball gown, with floral embellishments on the top. It was a bridal inspired gown and they don’t call it a show stopper for nothing. This dress has elements of fantasy, fairy tale and princess like elements due to the crown placed on the head of the model. Shana’s designs are more fun and youthful with trendy elements such as embroidery, lace, flowers, ribbons, sparkles and sequence.

The makeup was applied in a natural way which only enhanced the features. These garments are such amazing pieces for Spring Summer 2017. Shana Morland featured on the runway with a black outfit with red roses embroided on the shirt. The floral prints and themes are going to be a big trend this Spring Summer. The colour vary from white, pastel blues, darker blues and black, with a gypsy, free spirited feeling to them. I am absolutely in love with these designs.


These items are sold in Cape Town, 8 Kloof Street.

Images of the fashion show were all taken by me when I attended the event on the 19th August 2017 at Mall of Africa.

Which of these garments are your favourite dresses and would you wear these dresses for Spring Summer 2017?


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