Sparkles by day.

The glitter trend is so sparkly right now, but you might not want to take part in this glitzy-glamorous trend, because you might not know how to wear glitter in the day.

You can set shining style standards with this advice on the season’s trend for all things bright and glittery!

The first tip that I want to give, it to not dip yourself in glitter with this trend.(Unless that is what you are going for). 

Start of by only adding a sparkly jacket, skirt or blouse. I don’t think it is necessary to do more than 2/3 sparkling items, since it will just start to look too over the top.

The second tip is to balance out the outfit, due to sequence and glitter being girly, I would say that you have to pair your glittery garment with a masculine piece. For example: a glittery t-shirt combined with a heavy tweed trousers.

Focus on a monochromatic look, due to it being day, you don’t want to look like a smartee box that exploded all over the streets. Try out a navy pair of trousers with a navy glitter top. It is appropriate, subtle but it has that SHIMMERY KICK to it.





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