Tips for lips.


We all want to have those bold, beautiful lips. How to create the perfect lip:

  • Your lip liner should never be darker than your lipstick, this might have been popular during the 90’s but is today far too intense for natural wear.
  • Clear good liner might be a good investment. colorless lip liners will work with any shade or color of lipstick. Michelle Ori’s Velvet boundary lip liner has a smooth, clear breathable wax which is perfect to make sure that your lipstick sticks to the lips.
  • Lip liner locks the color of the lipstick to the lips to create a border, so do not draw an exact line around your lips.
  • Use the lip liner to overdraw the natural lip line which means to extend the cupid bow and lower lip line.
  • Your cupid bow needs attention, don’t just draw a straight line over your cupid bow, denying it the attention of a flattering curve. To make this easy you can draw a ‘x’ on the upper lip which will give the natural impression of a bow shape.
  • When drawing in the lips use short lines instead of one long line, the short lines will give you more control to create precise lines.
  • If you don’t line the corners of your mouth this will lead to your lipstick ‘bleeding’ since the line is interrupted.
  • moisturize your lips before any application of any product. Feathering will occur on lips when they are dry.

Shopping list

  • Lóreal’s sharpenable lip liner series which includes four colours. R119,95.
  • Michelle Ori Paris includes 19 shades prices from R75.
  • Palladio herbal Perfecting lip liner will help the lips to not feather or bleed, priced at R75.
  • L.A. girl which has 6 lip liner colour priced from R59,95
  • Essence has 9 lip liner colours for R18,95.
  • I got to be honest with you, when it comes to lip liners it is not about the brand to me, but about collecting the colours that my look is requiring and personally to me a lip liner is a lip liner. It’s all about shopping for the shades that I like to create the look that I have in mind. And I am a sale shopper so I would totally invest in all 9 lip liner colours of Essence.


  • Remember to love your lips!



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