From tea ladies to the pink ladies.


This article is reflecting on the 1950’s as an era and about what fashion was all about, that time.

From tea ladies to The Pink ladies and from snug fitted Dior dresses to sack dresses, the 1950’s was definitely categorized by two types of woman, the ‘Sandy’ and the ‘Rizzo’ type of girl.

Although he film, ‘Grease’ was filmed in the 70s which stared John Travolta and Olivia Newton, the film portrays the life of students in the 50’s during the era of rock ‘n roll and the post war American culture.

Although Sandy with her tight fitted leggings and leather jacket was my favourite character from the movies, the 1950’s had its own celebrities, bigger than the movie itself.

Celebrities from the 1950’s included Doris Bay, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe (who inspired the iconic 1950’s look) and Elvis Presley.

The 1950’s was known for its wandering waistline due to the opposites being popular at the same time, the Sandy and Rizzo effect. The snug fit of Dior dresses were popular but at the same time the sack dress which was shapeless was also very popular. The 1950’s was also knows as everything getting shorter which included the hair, hemlines and waistlines. The fashion from the 50’s was influenced by Asian designs such as Japan and India which made the tunics and oriental look popular and trendy.






3 thoughts on “From tea ladies to the pink ladies.

    1. I did articles on all of the era’s, relating back to the 1920s up to now, which was the 50s and how to create the look with relevant reseach and ingo. You can check them out too!

      Thanks for reading.
      Next month I’ll do a post about the 60s too.

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