Bringing blue back!

product 1product 2Good morning!

Today I decided to do an article about how to wear blue eye shadow and I am going to show you how I applied my makeup and paired blue eye shadow with orange lips. All of the products that I used is MAC, but you can use your daily products to create this look.

You will need: your brushes, foundation and concealer, blue eye shadow, blue eyeliner, orange lipstick, mascara and your blush and contour products.


Firstly I applied my foundation and concealer on the red spots and textured areas and use powder to set the foundation.ย I then applied my blush and contour lines on either side of the face just to define my good areas and create more shape in the face. I then shaped and filled in my eye brows, since I really don’t have much of eyebrows to start with. And finally the fun starts, by adding the colour, you can then apply your blue eye shadow on your eyelids and apply the blue eyeliner to the bottom and top lash line. Before you add your orange lipstick you can prep and prime them by adding a moisturiser to the lips, since it is winter and our lips tend to be cracked and dried. And finally we can add mascara to the lashes to finish off the look.


And TA-DA!

Let me know what you think about this look and whether you will wear it, or not!

I just have to say, with the purple hair, orange lips and blue eyes I definitely feel a colour blocking makeup application happening here, which is similar to my previous article which was about how to colour block your clothes, so it seems like this article is also about colour blocking, but it is all about colour blocking with makeup!

The inspiration behind the look was the following images.



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