Blocking colour this winter!


  • Colour blocking which is inspired by the 80’s pop culture can be quite tricky to do correct, because when done wrong you can tend to look like a toddler just adding on his or her favourite pieces. I think the winter is a great time to brighten up your day with a vibrant, bright and attention grabbing outfit which consists of colour blocking. Colour blocking is fashion where multiple blocks of colour is worn in one outfit. Here is a few tips on HOW TO colour block the right way.
  • It is important to start with the obvious – you have to decide what is the most flattering colour on you, a specific colour which compliments your complexion and hair.
  • Once you have selected your colour which will be your basic colour, grab a colour wheel and work out different combinations, do you want to go for a complementary look or a more tonal look, where the colours just differ in shades and tones.
  • Try not to choose garments which has prints, since the focus of your outfit will be on the colour and will get too much if you add prints too. The blocks and colours will create their own pattern, you want to have an outfit hat looks harmonious and not clownish.
  • There is no need to go and buy items specially for colour blocking, you can wear a orange shirt with a green scarf and blue pants. Pick colourful garments from your closet and just play with the colours until you find something that you really like.
  • Just a last tip – since the colours of the clothes are already loud and clashing, try to wear jewellery that is neutral so that the eye of the viewer finds the outfit harmonious and not overwhelming.
  • Have fun and brighten up your winter with loud, blasting, vibrant colours.

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