We were all made to be pampered!


Bakwena which means people of the crocodile is one of the best spa’s that I have ever experienced. From the lady at the reception to the waiter and right through to the manager, were all filled with positive energy, warm friendly hello’s who made you feel comfortable, at ease and at home, ensuring that you are happy and satisfied at all times. The Bakwena spa is located in between vineyards, on top of the hill looking out on Table mountain and the whole of Cape Town. Each nerve was touched, stress ball relieved and mind cleared, just being calm for so long brings clarity. The culture of the staff is also mind blowing, they sing in the mornings at the front door before starting the day, they sing before lunch and their special song for birthdays, where the birthday boy or girl then also receives a complimentary J.C. le Roux bottle of Sparkling wine. At the end of the day I was in a state of relaxation from mind, to body to soul. All of their products are created from natural herbs and are 100% safe for your skin, the products are also sold separately at the counter. This was a five star experience from skills to food to service!

If you can’t treat yourself at the Bakwena spa at the Zevenwacht wine estate, there is no need to worry since they have a venue in Pretoria at the Velmore Hotel estate and Spa.

For more information you can go and visit their site: WWW.BAKWENASPA.CO.ZA





With the holidays, you have to make time to pamper yourself and this is exactly what I did at the Bakwena spa, located on the Zevenwacht wine estate in Kuilsrivier.

I chose the full day spa package which included spoils and indulgences from 8am to 5pm. When I walked in there I was served with the choice between a sherry or hot chocolate. And then we all gathered at the fire place in the dining area while I enjoyed my hot chocolate. After the divine hot chocolate we hopped into our gowns and I got the purple one, which made me look like a big giant barney, which I loved!

The breakfast was delicious- a plate with eggs, mushrooms, bacon, sausages and toast with a side bowl of muesli and yogurt with a cup of coffee. The dining area with the food is a buffet set-up, which I prefer since this way- less food will be wasted. Each session is 50 minutes with a 10 minute break between sessions.


My day spa program:

9:00-10:00 Facial.

Which is a hydrating aloe facial which is medically beneficial due to the plant extracts and is packed with active compounds that nourishes, moisturises and protects which is everything my skin aches for on a daily base. After the facial the therapist decorates your face with a unique pattern from the skin cream which was used during the treatment.

10:00-11:00 Spa body scrub.

Here you have the options from choosing between salt scrub, sugar scrub, traditional mielie-meel or apricot scrub. I choose the apricot scrub and the smell was phenomenal and it left my body felling so soft and smooth. After the scrub I had a quick shower before moving on to the next massage.

11:00-12:00 Hand and forearm massage.

I never even knew someone can massage my hands the way the therapist did, she paid attention to the wrist, the upper arm and hands which felt so good. I felt like a queen. This was such a soothing experience which left my hands so soft afterwards due to the oils and exfoliation which was applied during the treatment.

At 12o’clock is was time to enjoy a plate of lunch with a glass of wine or champagne which was served. This meal included the best fish that I have ever tasted, my taste buds went ballistic for the fish, with some potatoes, beans and macaroni and cheese. All the foods are prepared from the restaurant which is just located a few kilometres from the spa.

13:00-14:00 Foot massage, ankle and calf massage.

I actually don’t like people touching my feet, since I am very ticklish but with the firm grip of the therapist this was an amazing treatment, which improved the blood circulation in my legs. Every single toe curled from the pleasure from the massage. The creams and oils smelled so good.

14:00-15:00 Scalp, neck and shoulder massage.

This was maybe one of my favourite treatments of the day, it is really hard to say which was my favourite since they were all so good! While getting the massage I had the view of the mountains, nature and birds chirping in the distance which made me go in a state of deep relaxation in mind, body and soul. I could feel the sensation of stress being relieved from my shoulders. And then the therapist asked me if she could add oils into my hair for the head massage and it was amazing, while my hair got a treatment my brain felt tension being released. After this massage I felt so light.

15:00- 16:00 Relaxation.

With the program, there is an hour located to you for relax, where you can sit at the fire place and enjoy a glass of wine, or a lot of guest brought a book. It is time located to you where you can just gather your thoughts and I have to say, by being pampered at this relaxed, a lot comes to mind. But during this time, I took the opportunity of visiting Mr. Nibbles which is one of the spa’s signature treatments which is a fish spa therapy where the Garra Rufa fish nibbles away at dead skin on feet or hands. This is not included in the day spa treatments but can be done as an extra for R100 which includes the 15 minutes of fish nibbling and tickling fun! And during your relaxation period a cheese and salty crack platter is served with another glass of wine or champagne.

16:00- 17:00 Full body Hot stone massage.

Just when you think that the day can’t get any better, it ends at a high! What a way to finish off the day, this massage is from head to toes, where every inch of your body is massaged and the ancient stones are then placed on the body which releases the tension that is trapped deep within the muscles. At the end of the day this was definitely my favourite treatment of the day, since the other treatments only focus on one aspect or part of the body but this massage includes it all.

The full day special package for July and August is between R1099 and R1299 and it is a mind blowing experience. When I walked out of the spa, I felt like a new person. Oh, and you walk out of the spa with a shooter, you have the option between strawberry lips or Nachtmusick. What a way to end such an amazing day!



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