In memory of Frida Kahlo.


This article is dedicated to the famous, most wonderful and iconic woman to me, Frida Kahlo who used clothing to hide her imperfections, which turned out to be more than that but actually a outfit that champions creativity, bravery and the spirit of Mexico! Frida Kahlo was born on July 6, 1907 in Coyoacán, Mexico and today 110 years after her birth, she is still well known, even though her paintings only received acknowledgement during the 1980’s and she already passed away in 1954. She is a continual inspiration for designers, influencing Givenchy, Comme des Garçons and Jean Paul Gaultier – who dedicated an entire runway show to the late painter in 1998.
Despite her dreamlike paintings, bravery and passion, the aspect that I like most of Frida is her love for animals, she owned dogs, cats, monkeys and birds and they were in a lot of her paintings placed next to her, especially in her self portraits, today known as selfies, I believe we all do it!



Iconic key pieces that Frida Kahlo’s style is famous for includes the following:
The rebozo which is the traditional Mexican scarf. It is a long, rectangular scarf which she wore around her body or tied to her hair. Traditionally the scarf is worn to make a woman more graceful. Frida Kahlo was also famous for her unibrow, which was her refusal to conform to the conventional norms of Hollywood beauty. Kahlo also adopted the style of the Tehuana dress which originated from the region of South America. According to legend, Tehuana women were figures of authority within their society; perhaps, by taking on their traditional dress, Kahlo was displaying her own strength and will.
Kahlo also wore jewellery which included lariat necklaces and mismatched earrings. And lastly Kahlo was famous for her braids since she wore her black hair in thick braids piled over the top of her head decorated with flowers.



To create an outfit inspired by Frida Kahlo’s style, there are three main tips to follow.

The most important aspect or signature style to copy is the usage of patterns in your outfit. Frida’s style was unique in the way that she mixed the different colours, patterns and textures of fabrics. Choose a statement piece of jewellery. Frida enjoyed wearing ornate jewellery and she believed more is more! You can wear your favourite pair of earnings, bangles, rings and necklaces! And lastly pay attention to your hair, I decided to wear my hair in two buns. But for a more authentic Frida Kahlo look you can add brightly coloured flowers and head wraps.

I’m quite obsessed with her style which included long flowing skirts, both in vibrant colours and covered with rich embroidery, flowers and braids and traditional Mexican clothing.

Let us celebrate Frida Kahlo’s birthday by dressing up the way she did!

You can go and visit my Facebook and Instagram page for photos about how I incorporated her style.





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