Sparkling wine for breakfast!


With the winter in Cape town, there is not a lot that one can do except for drinking wine, adore the nature and watch some series.

Today we decided to go and pay J.C. Le Roux a visit which is located in Stellenbosch. The J. C. Le Roux tasting house is located on Devon Valley Road, Stellenbosch and is open between 8am and 5pm. We went for sparkling wine tasting at 10 o’clock, which made it a great day, because it stared off so good!

The drive towards the tasting house is absolutely breath-taking, green trees on each side, mountains in the distance and fresh air all over. Since it is currently winter in Cape town, most of the Vineyards are golden-brown and dead, but they are still breath-taking and the building where J.C. Le Roux is located is absolutely sublime.


The tasting options is between 5 different sparkling wines, today I learned it is not called champagne or wine, but indeed fancy-pancy, โ€˜Sparkling Wineโ€™ because of the bubbles my dear.

Today I had the privilege of trying out the Nougat experience, which consisted of 5 different sparkling wine flavours and five different types of nougat flavours which compliments the sparkling wine. The Nougat experience consists of 5 MCC pre-selected bottles which is paired with Roses handmade Nougat.

The nougat really just enhanced the flavour of the sparkling wine, after I was done with the five glass I was definitely in the mood for more.

At first I was quite sceptic since I am bot really a sparkling wine fan, and I tend to like sweeter type of wines, but due to the fact that they combines the tasting with nougat, I was in heaven, each taste better than the glass before.


And finally, how can you leave J.C. Le Roux without purchasing a bottle, to take as takeaway, as I say in Johannesburg. He service was really great, the lady who served us, explained all the terminology and the character of the bottle which tends to be more to the nuttier or the citrus fruity side, which still to now I donโ€™t really get, since I always though J.C. Le Roux was only alcohol to grab when there is something to celebrate . After today, I know there is a nutty flavour, a heavier bottle and a citrus fruity one and even a Rose one. I would recommend this experience to anyone and all.

I think it was quite pricy, since the price of the five glasses of tasting cost the same as two bottles of their sparkling wine, J.C. Le Roux La Fleurette, which is the light pink bottle placed in the middle of the table at the Nougat sparkling wine option.

The vibe is very fancy, and I felt very important inside the location, but the staff is very friendly, informed and gets very excited about their bubbles!


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