Blue is back in business!

Blue is back in business when it comes to your eyelids! The question you may ask is how to wear blue eyeshadow without looking like a clown or some kind of a sea creature. Rocking the blue eyeshadow has been in for ages, since we were little girls we were exposed to the blue eyelids in the animation story of The little mermaid where Ursula rocked the blue eyelids under the sea. (I know I just said you may ask how to not look like a sea creature and now my very first example is a sea creature, but there is a reason for that.) The character of Ursula wore her blue makeup from area one to three and all they way up to the brows. This is then seen in the Missoni SS 16. You might not see the resembles but the application is quite similar.


Then we see the sexiest cartoon character Jessica Rabbit wearing heavy blue eyeshadow and being a total bombshell. (You see, IM moving from a sea creature to a total bombshell). Jessica Rabbit pulls off her blue makeup with the use of a soft blue pastel coloured eyeshadow and a lot of mascara.


If you can remember the film Bewitched which first premiered in 1974, you will remember Endora with her crazy liner and eyeshadow busy casting spells and hexes. Endoraโ€™s eyeshadow may not be a current trend, but the focus lies on the shape that is being played with which is seen in Loris Azzaro FW 15.


By telling you that a seacreature, a bombshell and some witch wore the blue eyeshadow doesnโ€™t necessarily make you excited to try on blue eyeshadow. But what if I told you that celebrities and models on the runways are doing it too. Bella Hadid showed off her blue eye liner for Dior show Pump โ€˜n Volume. Victoria Becham SS 17 puled off the geometric shape with use of the blue eyeshadow. Hugo Boss SS 16 did a blue eyeshadow in the eyelid from area one to three.


Emma Stone decided to match her eyeshadow and bright blue dress at the premiere of Lala Land. Lily Rose Depp wore a metallic navy blue eyeshadow on the bottom and top lash line and in the eyelid from area one to three which smudges in into the crease. Jessica Biel styled her slick of blue eyeshadow with a coral lip, making the eyes the attention grabber. Gigi Hadid wore her navy eyeshadow in a feline flick shape while Chloe Moretz decided to wear a bold thick blue liner all around the eyes and Allesandra Ambrosio made her eye colour pop with the colour usage of navy blue Smokey eyeshadow application.



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