Winter wardrobe key pieces.


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  • What should be in your winter wardrobe?
    • Work from black as a foundation. Start your outfit off with a black pair of leggings, stocking or pants and from there you can simply start adding pieces with colour or texture.
    • Overcoat. An overcoat is a must have key piece and if it is not that cold donโ€™t feel the need to close it up just because there are buttons, by leaving the over coat open another layer is created.
    • Keep your shoes flat- anything with threads or thick soles to balance out the heavy coats and jerseys that you will wear, if you want to wear a heel make sure its something chunky.
    • Finally you can add a pair of big beautiful sunglasses, who said sunglasses are just for summer vibes? The glasses will protect your eyes from the winter glare and also make your outfit even more stylish and flattering.

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Alexander Mc Queens Autumn/winter 2017 ready to wear collection.

  • Flat shoes which includes white platforms or black boots with details. A lot of detail on the shoes will counteract with the heavy coats and make the outfit balance.
  • The colour black as a basic beginning or foundation for the rest of the add on pieces.
  • Bright colours combined with the black such as pink and red.
  • Belt tied around the waist.
  • Mixture of textures such as lace and leather and fur.
  • Pants and skirts are loosely fitted, which means that you can layer up on long johns and pantyhose underneath.
  • The hair is all about the centre part, loose curls, low pony tails and small braids next to the head.

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