Sassy in suede!


This fall/winter spice up your closet with a sassy suede skirt which will give your whole closet a blast from the past, which is the 70’s. This whole year the 70’s inspired fashion items were very popular, and now a suede item can be added. Here are three of my favourite suede items.

The suede skirt is available from midi to mini, and pleated to fitted. The suede skirt is a great item to use to express your individuality. Combine your suede skirt with a loose or blouse or turtle neck jersey and add on thigh high boots or leather sandals. I personally feel a white blouse is the way to go on a warmer day and a black turtle neck sweater should be worn on winter days.

If you want to go for a suede jacket- the jacket will definitely be your statement item for your wardrobe. Combine your jacket with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, with this trend there is a very fine line between looking stylish and looking like a cow girl, ya’ll!

And finally suede boots, the soft texture and slight heel makes me feel like a queen but comfortable too. The boots just add that glam and luxe factor to the whole outfit. A winter friendly, keeps my toes warm and comfy shoe is all I need to get me through this winter!



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