Ravishing red lips from the 40’s.

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Name of star of decade.

1940’s Veronica Lake

Skin and foundation.

Colour: The face powder matched the skin tones, darker and warmer foundation was applied and powder was used afterwards which was a lighter colour than the skin tone. Face powder resulted in a rosy glow.

Texture: Matte skin finishes was used for full coverage.

Contouring and highlighting : none.

Eyes and mascara.

Corrective eyeshadow placement: Minimum eyeshadow was used and a little bit of shadow was created through the use of adding subtle shades of brows or creams

Shape: The eye shape was an almond shaped eye which was achieved by dropping the ‘C’ shape on the eyelid into a soft wash and pulling it down. A small eyeliner in dark brown was placed on the top lid with a darker eyeshadow in area three of the lid which created depth to the eye. The eyeliner was only used to line the eye which is not flicked out.

Colours: Muted greys and browns.

Texture: Natural matte eyeshadow

Mascara : Main accessory or focus feature. Brown or black mascara.


Shape: More fuller brows compared to the 1920’s brows. Eyebrows kept their naturally thickness. Brows were fuller and more natural with a softer domed arch.

Colour: Brows were filled with a matte shadow similar to the natural brow colour and a dark brown pencil was used to define the arch to a sharp point.


Full and soft and in contrast to the 1920’s the upper lip was slightly overdrawn.

Colour: Bright reds, cherry reds, pinkish reds, crimson, vermillion shades and orange reds.

Texture: Matte to gloss.


Placement: Applied on top of the cheekbones and brushed downward towards the temples.

Colours: Rouge colours, red with pink undertones, bright roses and pink with fuchsia undertones.


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