The victory fashion era.

In the 1940’s the fashion industry was bogged down and restricted by World War 2 regulations, but that did not stop designers to create gorgeous garments. The 1940’s was all about creating a certain silhouette which included wide padded shoulders , nipped in high waist tops and an A line skirt that reached the knee (which was a whole lot shorter than the previous era). During the 1940’s the Kardashians of the time was Rita Hayworth who embraced the androgynous style and Bette Davis who was a pinup doll and making heads swing!icons 2


Two piece clothing paves a path in the fourties!

The shortage of fabrics caused the popularity of the Victory suit which is the two piece suit. After world war 2 the suits remained popular due to its comfortability and practicality. Two piece swimsuits were also seen for the first time in the 1940’s. The swim suits had padding in the bras and thin straps.

two suit 3


The 1940’ss wardrobe consisted the following items.

  • A line dresses.
  • Matte fabrics.
  • V- or sweetheart neckline.
  • Small prints on dresses.
  • Matching belts.
  • Pleated skirts.
  • Tall hats with small brims.
  • Large accessories.
  • Sturdy shoes.

garments 4


1940’s was all about the hourglass figure with broad shoulders, tiny waist and full hips. Because of the strict regulations on fabric the dresses became shorter , which means up to the knee. Evening dresses had spaghetti straps or halter necks that revealed the shoulders and chest but only mild cleavage, since skin showing was not trendy at that time. In order to forget about the war woman embraced colorful prints.

silhouette 5


Interesting inventions during the 1940’s.

Sticky tape was invented in 1940. Nylon was invented in 1941 in the USA by Wallace Coorothers and in 1948 the ball point pen was invented by Laszlo Biro.

Interesting words from the 1940’s era.

Chrome Dome : rude word for a bald headed man. (I do not believe this word is still used today or is even offensive for that matter.)

Cracks me up: means to make someone laugh. (This word is still relevant today.)

Dope: meant information. (This day still exists in our language today, it just has a different meaning which is drugs.)



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