How to wear greenery cosmetics.

Green eye shadow and orange lips are a perfect combination for an authentic autumn makeup look. Here is how you can do it:

  • Firstly apply foundation to your face because your skin needs to have a natural freshness. If you don’t need much coverage, try a tinted moisturizer, as it will give a dewy glow. If you still want dewy skin but need a bit more coverage than a tinted moisturizer, try mixing your moisturizer with a heavier foundation. Use your concealer to cover scars, acne scars, red discoloration and any dark circles.
  • Not every woman needs to fill in their eyebrows, but if you do then do it now. Eyebrow kits work great, or you can use matte eye shadow.
  • Before applying the eye shadow you have choose three bright green shadows: a light, medium, and dark shade. Make sure you’re using highly pigmented eye shadows for maximum saturated color application. For even more drama, choose eye shadows with a glitter or shimmer finish.
  • Prime your eyelids because it will keep the shadow from smearing to other parts of your face. Primers also helps you avoid creased or splotchy shadow at the end of a day. If you don’t have a designated eye shadow primer, you can use your concealer.
  • Apply the lightest green color of eye shadow near your brow bone.
  • Place the dark color in your crease which will define the shape of your eyes.
  • Apply contour, highlight and blush to the face.
  • Line your lips and fill in with a orange lipstick color. Then apply your lip gloss over the product to make your lips look fuller.
  • Add a few layers of mascara to your lashes.
  • And add a little bit of color to your hair.
  • Using powder sets your makeup so it will last longer and this will avoid your face from sweating or producing oil.
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