Dirty 30’s fashion.

78234 Even though people were broke during the 1930’s, they made sure that their clothes told a whole other story, may more glamorous, ravishing and friendly than the cold, gruesome war. Woman wore dresses and kept their hats close to their heads. Fur and floral patterns was a big hit and while shoulder pads became more popular, hats became less popular towards the end of the era. The fashion of the 1930’s was still conservative and during the depression most women were still making their own clothes.

In 1931 new fashion accessories included suede gloves that matched the handbag and shoes of a woman with a red or grey fur thrown over one shoulder and the look was finished off with large rings and watches. The hats was deep and close fitting with large and small brims and if you really wanted to be ‘in’ the hat would cover the one eye.

In 1933 square shoulders, low heels, plumed hats and gauntlet gloves were trendy items. Evening dresses was inspired by Indian and Greek designs combined with heavy jewelry.

So girls, the 1930’s is proof that no matter how bad the circumstances may be, I mean they went through a war, and we only have day to day problems such as paying off loans, traffic and getting rid of stains. A woman can always dress up, look good and be attractive with a little bit of money and a whole lot of attitude.

1930’s fell between the two world wars, which meant that lower and middle classes did not have money for luxuries. When the stock market crashed in 1929 the woman of the time did not have money for cosmetics or fashion. Yet, a woman can never be to poor for makeup products. This era was characterised by its film stars, halter necks and backless gowns, and that is why the 1930’s is known as the era of Hollywood glamour.


How to create the 1930’s makeup.

  • Apply a foundation which is one shade lighter to your natural complexation. Full coverage should be applied to create a flawless look.
  • Choose a highly pigmented eye shadow in the colors of dark greys and blues. Apply eyeshadow on the whole eyelid from area 1 to three and emphasizing the outer corner of the eyes with more application. A dome shaped eye should be created with the use of the eyeshadow. A lot of blending is required.
  • Cake the mascara, this literally means add layer after layer, after layer of mascara.
  • Cover your natural eyebrows with concealer and use your eyebrow pencil to draw on top of your natural eyebrows. The eyebrow shape should be a thin line which is extended downward to the temples.
  • Choose a lipstick colour that is red, orange or light rose. Over draw the bottom lip and create arching peaks on the cupid bow of the lips. This is also known as the rose bud lip.
  • Apply a pink powder blush to the cheeks in a circular motion. The placement of the blush should be on the apples of the cheeks. The cheeks are very understated, which means that not a lot of product is needed.
  • Turn heads with your 1930’s makeup application.







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    1. Thank you for reading and im glad you enjoyed the article. Theres a quote that is so relevant to this conversation,
      “There Are No Ugly Women, Only Lazy Ones”. Which is so funny, but very true.

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