Beauty is pain.

I had my septum pierced over the weekend and before I went for the piercing I did a lot of research on the pain and whether or not it will suit me. It was nothing like the online video’s, mine was much worse. A septum piercing is a piercing that goes through your nasal septum (the small area of skin between your nostrils). And to every one out there who did not know, because neither did I, a septum piercing is placed between the soft spot but right at the tip or front part of your nose. And what is also important to consider is that since your nose, and whole face for that matter, is not symmetrical, your piercing wont be balanced either.

The booking and Location.

  • Find a good piercing studio. I went to Black And White in Rosebank.
  • I think it is also important to ask the piercer whether he has done it before or not, in which this case I did not ask him.

The procedure:

  • They will clean your nose on the inside and the outside with antiseptic. Then they will pull your nose back to get a good look inside to find the sweet spot of your nose.
  • Then the septum gets clamped, this was the most uncomfortable feeling, it feels like someone is constantly pinching your nose, the guy really struggled to find the spot to attach the clamps and this resulted in a painful beginning of a piercing procedure. This took like 4 or 5 attempts to eventually clamp the nose.

The needle going through.

  • When the needle went through, I had an intense migraine sensation and I could feel the needle go through the tissue.
  • To me it was a very painful procedure. I read online that it differs from person to person, so I hope that if you want to get your septum pierced that you wont go through the pain that I went through.
  • They say it is over in a second, but mine felt like ages, the pain was in slow motion and I must say this is something that I won’t do again.
  • On the video footage my whole procedure of the piercing took 1 minute and 15 seconds of the guy just trying to get the needle through, which I feel is way to long.
  • This was a very painful experience for me and the best advice that I can give is to make sure that your piercer know what he is doing and embrace yourself for the pain. But I am so glad it is over!
  • Beauty is pain, they say.


Check out the videos of the piercing process 🙂


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