Festival Friendly Fashion.


Lusito land is the biggest authentic cultural food and music event. The event gives the opportunity for attendees to experience the unique Portuguese heritage, including Caipirinha’s, prego rolls, grilled piri piri chicken and seafood which are available at six 300-seater restaurants and six pubs at the festival. The festival provides Portuguese inspired food, drinks, stores on the festival grounds that vary from clothes to candles, and from clocks to candy and spices to slippers.


The Lusito land festival serves a greater purpose, the profits made at the event goes to the Lusito Association, which manages the Lusio school for children who need special care because they are physically and mentally handicapped.4



Even though we want to wear bralettes, wellies and sparkly mini dresses, we have to take elements into consideration such as the sun, showers and dust. When choosing your outfit for the day you have to be able to endure all four seasons in one day with one outfit. Celebrities might rock up at festivals with designer clothes, but don’t be fooled, it might not be the best idea to wear your favourite top or jacket to a festival where there is dangerous obstacles for your clothes, such as stains from alcohol, burns from cigarettes and mud splatters. You simply won’t be able to enjoy the event if you are constantly worried about the dust, beer, stains, food and children all around you.

You don’t have to wear hot pants or heels, all you need is a warm jacket, a pair of sunglasses, a hat and a pair of shorts or leggings to dance all night long. The priority of the festival is about having fun and not constantly pulling your mini dress down or worry about your favourite pair of shoes that’s getting dirty. Here is your festival survival wardrobe kit.

No matter how tempting it is to slip on your flip flops, you should rather go for a pair of sneakers, trainers or boots. By a bum bag, even though it will maybe make you look like a tourist, it will be more practical than a handbag and allow you to be hands-free to drink and dance and take selfies all at the same time. Make tights your best friend, even though you want to bare it all, simply pack in your tights and slip them on when the sun goes down, or you can even wear them under shorts, skirts or dresses.


13What to wear to the Lusito Land festival:

It’s all about comfort. From the six people that I interviewed at the festival the main fashion forward style was all about being comfortable.

Here is your festival survival kit.

  • Bum bag or shoulder bag.
  • Sneakers or boots.
  • Sun glasses.
  • Hat.
  • Poncho or throw over which you can tie around your body during the day and cuddle with at night.
  • Leggings is your best friend!

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    Videos can be viwed on YouTube, just click on the link belowe to view the entertainment and vibe.


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