The piercing fling.

Today is National Piercing day which is celebrated each year on the 16th of May, this day was simply created to promote piercings. If you want to get piercings, today is the day since most shops will offer piercing specials and other promotions on National Piercing day. National piercing day is an opportunity to find a new way to express yourself with a piercing, whether it is in your ear lope, or nostril, the biggest benefit is that piercings are temporary. The piercing fling is a great way to try out something new since you can wear the piercing for a short period of time and enjoy it while it last and when you want to take it out, you can, with minimal scarring. Piercings was a well-known way in ancient times to send wealth along with the dead to the next life. Today piercings are just trending and often short lived. Here is a list of 2017โ€™s biggest piercings must haveโ€™s.

2017 Piercing trends.

  • Tongue piercings.
  • Multiple earrings.
  • Septum piercing.
  • Nostril piercing.
  • Multiple facial piercings.
  • Vertical Labret piercing.
  • Smiley piercing



And the names of some other types of piercings.


I hope you have a pierced, perforate Piercing day!


8 thoughts on “The piercing fling.

      1. At least if you get bored you can remove it or maybe you will end up loving it. I want to get a septum piercing but its quite out there, and my grandparents won’t be too happy about it. So im still contemplating about getting one


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