Cosmetic Aesthetic with Lala.

Today I had the privilege to interview one of my fellow classmates, blogger and ‘makeup artist in the making’, and I had some mirror talk with Lala.

This makeup artist, blogger and fashion student is the ideal person you would want to makeup you. She makes you feel at ease, jokes around but is very professional and on point with her skills.


Lala got interested in makeup by the age of 10 and everything she known about makeup is thanks to YouTube tutorials and since last year she has been studying to become a professional makeup artist at Lisof the fashion school in Blairgowrie. Lala is actually an introvert and working with clients usually gets her nervous because she has to engage in a conversation with them. At least she has a great attitude towards life and even better energy which makes the sessions go well. With her makeup skills she wants to help woman to understand makeup in a natural way. She wants to learn woman to rather use make up products to enhance their features instead of concealing them. “I want to put back the fun in makeup and the confidence in women”, Lala said. The biggest makeup trend that Lala dislikes is baking, “I don’t like how super bright those areas end up looking and people rarely make an effort to blend it out with the rest of their face makeup.”


Lala’s signature makeup look is all about minimalism and that goes into her beauty preferences too. She enjoys her glowing everyday look but when she goes out she likes to rock the gold eye with some smoky black eye shadow. An everyday simple full face makeup look takes Lala 20 minutes and something more glamorous will take her up to 45 minutes. Her favourite makeup trend at the moment is the coloured lashes. Her favourite beauty guru is Cynthia Gwebu because her work is easy to follow and she enjoys her variety of products, “cheap versus expensive” which Lala feels gives her more knowledge on makeup. Her biggest challenge as a makeup artist is to put herself out there, but her talent and work ethic has made her grow and she is happy with where she is at the moment.


I asked Lala a few questions:

Do you have any advice for other young makeup artists who are starting out?

“Don’t be scared! Don’t doubt yourself and your craft. It will only hold you back. And, get as much experience as you can, where ever because practise makes perfect.”

Do you have any beauty makeup secrets you would like to share?

“I don’t have any secrets. Lol. Still learning and growing.”

If you were stranded on an island what are the three things that you would take with?

“A bible, my best friend and a pig because we love bacon, so if the island doesn’t have any pigs then at least the one we brought can keep the pork fire burning. Lol.

How often do you clean your makeup brushes?

“Once a week. I know. Eeewh.”

What is the goal of your blog?

“All I want to do is connect with woman out there, share and receive knowledge and skills. And help everyone I interact with to grow in love with themselves.”

If you could makeup any one who would it be?

“Probably Khloe Kardashian, because I love her. So those 45 minutes in my chair I will be able to talk to her a little bit. And she has a beautiful face to work with!”

What is one makeup product you cant live without?

“My eyebrow pencil by Essence.”


Feel free too see some more of her work on her Instagram page, @lalatheemua or her blog, Mirror talk with Lala.


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