Best dressed, boring, bizzare, beauteous at the Met Gala 2017.

Met Gala 2017 Dresses. I have seen and read a lot of critique on what the stars wore to the gala, names such as Cara Delevigne and Katy Perry was accused of worst dressed and not being fashionably acceptable, when in fact the whole theme evolved around Rei Kawakubo’s theme of Commes des Garcons, which in fact goes against the norms of western society and beauty, Rei’s fashion shows are not to distort thee body of the female, move against make up and polished looks. I have decided to share this article of the Met gala based on the following critique, the best dressed, which does not mean the most fashionable or most beautiful but in fact who followed the theme the best, and the stars who dressed boring are the ones who looked like they were attending any fashion event. The bizarre outfits are only based on the look that was quite different but not quite according to the theme and then lastly the stars who looked beautiful, but who did not follow the theme of the event. In order for people to judge the outfits of the stars, the theme has to be taken into consideration. The Met gala is all about celebrating fashion as an art form and not critiquing stars on their flattering outfits, which means little black dresses and strapless sheets are a big no, the whole idea is to take risks and wear fashion as an art. On the first of may, which was the first Monday in May brought together the decent and the dishy from the spotlight of fashion for the Met Gala. From Rihanna to Cara, Blake to Gigi. Versace to Moschino, the biggest show stoppers to the luscious and the weirdest to the dreary. The 69th annual Met Ball was themed Rei Kawakubo/ Commes des Garcons : Art of the In-Between, which was held at the Metropolitan Museum of art. The Japanese designer Rei was the honorary chair at the gala. Anyone who attends the event had to personally be approved by Anna Wintour, the American Vogue editor, so now we too know who your best friend should be.


Cara wore a structured silver suit, which looked extremely futuristic with the help of her silver spray painted head. Even with no hair, she still looked sexy with the plunging neckline. She was dressed in silver from head to toe, by accessorizing her cleavage and head with glittery crystals. The whole event is about celebrating fashion as an art form and Cara definitely slayed it.

Rihanna wore an outfit from Comme des Garçons, the designer is known for distorting th body of the model by use of the fabric and using different types of materials to create garments. Rihanna wore an 100% theme based outfit and then she gets thrown under the wheels of dressing strange and inappropriate. The garment looked lovely on her and even her chromatic high pigmented pink eyeshadow complemented the outfit even more.

Katy Perry wore a chromatic red gown by John Galliano with a head piece with the word ‘witness’ embroided over the veil. The dress was decorated with tulle flowers and plenty of beads, which goes against Rei’s design of taking away decoration, but the garment distorted the body which is one of the elements that Rei uses in her designs.


Kendall Jenner wore an outfit by La Perla which showed a lot more skin than material. The dress was missing fabric across her chest and stomach which definitely placed focus on positive and negative spaces. The dress was definitely an art form but was just not corresponding with the theme of Commes des Garcons. The 21 year old model was practically naked on the red carpet because the dress was completely sheer and she only wore a g-string. Bella Hadid wore a jumpsuit by Alexander Wang which was sown onto her body. The body suit was perfect for the avant garde dress code which was a goth-meets-glam look. This catsuit really showed off her body, just too bad that jump suit made me think more about Raven Mystique in the x-men played by Jennifer Lawrence. Madonna wore a Moschino dress that was covered in army print and she wore leather high gloves and a green scarf thing, this look and pattern was just too bizarre for the Met Galas and did not correspond with the theme at all, it was just too far away and the silhouette was not flattering either.


Candice Swanepoel showed off her teeny tiny waist and looked gorgeous in her black custom Topshop princess ball gown.

Even though my favorite couple of the evening had to be Jennifer Lopez and her baseball hubby Alex Rodriguez, followed by Selena Gomez and The Weekend, their outfits was not my favorite.

Jennifer appeared with the baseball star Alex Rodriguez who was dressed in a black tuxedo. Jennifer Lopez was dressed in a 60’s inspired Valentino gown which had a high neckline. She looked stunning in her flowy, pale blue gown which covered a lot more than what we are used to. Selena Gomez attended the Gala with The Weekend by her side dressed in a black tuxedo . Selena’s gown was inspired by herself. The dress included embellishments that was hand sewn onto the silky and lace trimmed fabric of Coach, which Selena has been the ambassador of since 2016, and after the Gala’s Coach made a break through and will be including more evening wear. These stars all looked lovely, but did not follow the theme or take any risks, they were just dressed in their safe, very westernized gowns.


Gigi Hadid wore a Tommy Hilfiger dress in a nude colour palette combined with fishnet stockings which is such a big trend this year. She showed off her stunning legs in the asymmetrical gown. The elements of the design which included soft and hard fabrics, and structured and flowy cuts definitely played around the theme of Japanese and western fashion. Versace is just another word for beauty , since Blake Lively, Donatella Versace and Kylie Jenner were all wearing Versace gowns. Blake Lively’s dress had a plumed train in shades of blue which was made out of feathers and was breath-taking. The feathers on the bottom of the dress was definitely a risk, but turned out to be a form of art and expression. Kylie Jenner and Donatella Versace were tinning at the event, the 19 year old reality star wore a bleached blonde wig which matched Donatella’s hair as well, the blonde, cropped wig that Kylie had to wear was apparently all Donatella’s idea, and if she tells you to wear a wig, you wear it. Kylie’s blush pink dress had a subtle look to the theme, which was ‘art of the in between’ and her fringed, metallic gown definitely complimented the theme. Donatella wore a yellow, sequin gown which matched her yellow hair.

Every single star looked amazing and went through a lot of trouble to look that good. I just think it is important that as a viewer before judging the outfits to consider the theme, influences and inspiration.

And so the event comes to an end, let me know what outfits stood out for you and what your opinions are about who wore what.




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