Browsing Brows.

In ancient China it was believed that a person who had thick, smooth and long eyebrows was a good person, in contrast with a person having short, thin brows that are set close to the eyes represented an inauspicious person.

According to traditional Chinese face reading the wider the gap between the eyebrows and the eyes, the happier oneโ€™s life would be. A thin and moon shaped eyebrow indicates gentleness and friendliness. Angled eyebrows represented an active, impatient and ambitious person. Straight eyebrows represents a person who is unaffectionate, ambitious and conscientious. Downward sloping eyebrows represents a responsible and caring person who is attached to work, hobbies and relationships.

Eyebrows can be a fashion statement or an art form and it seems like humans have always found a way to change their brows. Letโ€™s do a little bit of brow browsing.


The celebrity who wears the big, bold brows the best is Cara Delevigne. Big, bold brows represents a person who is confident, determined and reliable. The brows reflect your personality as being an assertive woman, having high self confidence and being a forward thinker.



Celebrities who has straight eyebrows are Jessica Alba, Lilly Collins, Emma Watson and Gwen Stefani. Straight eyebrows are characterised by having little or no arch to the brow. Straight eyebrows reflect a person who is intellectual, logical, factual and organised.


Queens eyebrows are characterised by a high pointed arch which means that the brow is naturally higher up on the face. Celebrities with the Queens eyebrow are Olivia Wilde, Rita Ora and Angelina Jolie. This brow represents a person who has high expectations, who is independent and a perfectionist. They are fun, loving and spontaneous.



Celebrities with curved eyebrows are Joan Smalls, Beyonce and Gigi Hadid. People with curved eyebrows are friendly, easy going and approachable people.



Individuals with thin brows tend to be indecisive , they are cautious and unsure but sees the best in people. Celebrities with thin eyebrows are Taylor Swift, Charlize Theron, Kristen Steward and Emma Stone.


You were born with the brows that are on your face which means that is the way they should look like. Changing your brows to a different shape can make a difference to your life. By making them thinner you reduce the ability to get a good powerful and well paid job while trying to make straight brows curved can make your energy more feminine.

You can tweeze and pluck and micro blade as much as you want but the most important thing is to let your brows be in proportion to the eyes, big eyes need thicker brows. If they are not in proportion aspects of your life may be unbalanced.


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  1. Baie oulik; Ek hou van die ontleding van die karaktertrekke van ‘n persoon se geaardheid op grond van die wenkbroue se vorms.

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