The secret to purple hair.

If you are in the mood for a big change, with little effort and that wears off within time, this secret is for you. The secret for purple hair in a blink, is Gentian Violet, a small bottle of purple liquid that is accessible at your nearest pharmacy store. Iโ€™m pretty sure the product is actually used for wounds, but in our case we are going to use it for the purpose of fashion, trends and beauty! No need to spend a lot of money on purple hair at a hair salon, if you can do it for under R20 multiple times.


Run yourself a nice hot bath, not to much water is needed. Add a few drops of the Gentian Violet. Only a few drops is needed, by adding more , you will only waste the product, as the secret lies in for how long you leave your hair inside the purple water. Dip your head inside for a few seconds, to get a purple pastel hair colour or a few minutes to get vibrant, drop dead gorgeous looking hair. Blow wave your hair afterward and walk with your purple head up high. The longer you leave it in, the darker purple your hair will get.


Try not to get the product directly on your hands, since you will struggle to get it off. The product stains the bath and anything else it comes into contact with, including your hair and hands and towel. Clean out the bath immediately after your magic was done to your hair.

end result

Your purple hair will get lighter and lighter after each shampoo wash, until it is completely out. The purple hair will be purple for approximately a week and then it will fade and you will have your normal hair colour back.


3 thoughts on “The secret to purple hair.

  1. What a cool little hair color trick! I love purple hair, but unfortunately mine is so saturated with black I couldn’t even think of coloring it any time soon. Thanks for posting!

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