Gypset 2017 trend.

Gypset is best described as glamour meets gypsy.

Gypset is a combination of gypsy inspired looks and a glamorous approach to the jetset lifestyle. Jetsetters are an international social group of wealthy people who travels the world to participate in social activities.

colour palette

The gypsetters are a group of individuals who travels and want to look exotic but at the same time want to look glamorous and indicate their status symbol by wearing elegant and affluent fabrics. The gypset style uses luxurious fabrics and crafts combined with signifiers of being free. The gypset style captures the notion of wondering the globe while maintaining a glamorous international edge . The gypset style embraces loose fitting, simple clothing that represents an easy going lifestyle mixed with subtle sophistication. The gypset style is categorised by bold patterns, orientalism, and floral patterns, layering garments, A-line shapes and rich textures. The style has influences from a lot of cultures, since the gypsetters travel to different continents and adapt different cultures into their style. Patterns that occur across cultures are Mexican patterns, Indian patterns, Native American patterns, and geometric patterns, ethnic and tribal prints. The travel experience from different cultures are all mixed up in one look combined with glamour.

The gypset style is inspired by the 70’s high waisted flared fits, cropped cuts, flowy material, layering items and shapeless shapes. The style includes items such as silk dresses, embroidery on garments, kaftans, fake furs, serpent motifs, clogs and ponchos which are items from different cultural groups.

The gypset trend is a trickle down theory, since it was enforced by designers and celebrities. The gypset trend began as a fashion statement where the elite classes wanted to be differentiated from lower classes that wore the gypsy style. Celebrities and designers took the gypsy style and added elements of wealth, expensive fabrics and glamorous designer pieces.

In the following fashion shows there are proof of the gypset trend being popular, in the Fall 2017 ready to wear Prada collection, Alexander `mc Queen Fall 2017 ready to wear collection, Fall Winter ready to wear collection by M. Missoni, Robert Cavalli’s Spring ready to wear 2017 collection and the Fall 2017 ready to wear Calvin Klein collection all had evidence of romanticised gypsy inspired clothing mixed with elements of fur, embellishments, glitter and glamorous, to separate the gypsy style from the lower class and make the elite class different by changing the gypsy style to the gypset style. The gypset style is a 2017 trend, since there are evidence of different elements of the gypset style being popular this year, WGSN predicted that the clog is going to be a big trend, the 1970’s is a trend this year, embellishments are a trend and by combining all of these elements that will be trending the overall trend is the gypset trend that will be popular in the year of 2017. Dior predicted that the sock boot will be trending which is an accessory in the gypset style and Dior featured it on their runway. The designers are all reflecting the gypset look on the runways because it is a trend for the year of 2017.


Gypset on the runway

Christopher Kane’s 2015 collection included embroidery, floral prints, loose fitting pants and lace all combined together creating a gypset style. Peter Pilotto’s 2015 resort fashion show emphasised knitted wear, embroidery on a pencil skirt and organic prints. The collection had tie dye prints with a glittery texture which are all elements of gypsy style placed in a suit or formal garment making it glamorous and resulting into a gypset trend. Gucci’s 2015 collection was inspired by the 70’s, the colour palette included wine colours, white and denim combined with native American prints. Through the usage of colour and prints a tribal feel is created The gypset style is seen in this collection because of the fur trim, flowy fabrics and the mixture of glamour and gypsy.

The fall 2017 ready to wear Prada collection has influences from the 70’s and contains embroidery, snake skin coats, ostrich feathers and fringes which are all elements within the gypset trend. In the fall winter ready to wear collection by M. Missoni the colour palette consisted mustard, olive and chocolate brown, the garments had floral patterns and the outfits was finished off by Swedish clogs mixed with oriental inspired design, making the outfits crossing cultures. The Alexander `mc Queen Fall 2017 ready to wear collection included elements of the gypsy trend. The dresses were beaded with silvery trees, white lace, floral prints and symbols of stars and suns. Mc Queen’s collection had elements of the gypsy style which were long, fluid dresses, covered with a glamorous leather jacket with pink fur and transparent white lace material. The collection had elements of tribal and a bright colour palette combined with an undone feeling, the clothes has a glamorous approach to them with elements of flowing fabrics, fringes, embroided clothing, textured fabrics and a sense of wildness. Robert Cavalli’s spring ready to wear 2017 collection included patchwork, long drifty dresses, flares and platforms. The collection was filled with drifty dresses, fringed blankets and floral patterns introducing the gypset trend. The Calvin Klein collection Fall 2017 ready to wear included feathered cocktail dresses with tribal prints, a line shapes and leather jackets which signifies glamor because of the use of the leather jacket making the gypsy inspired looks more formal and fancy.


Celebrities wearing the gypset trend.

Mary Kate Olsen wore the gypset inspired trend in 2010. Cara Delevigne, Kendell Jenner and Gigi Hadid wore gypsy clothing with a mixture of glamour in 2013. Gigi Hadid wore gypset inspired clothing to a festival in 2013. And in 2017 the eyes were all on Dakota Fanning when she wore the gypset style and brought attention to the gypset trend once again.


Gypset beauty and styling.

The gypset trend includes ethnic prints, the style of layering garments and a style which maintains a glamorous international edge. The clothes are exotic yet fashionable and the clothes are wild yet it still remains sophisticated.

The beauty and styling comes down to being plain and simple yet elegant and glamorous elements are reflected through the gypset trend. The gypset trend includes loose-fitting and simple clothing . The clothes represents the easy going lifestyle. The trend is accompanied by plentiful jewellery such as wooden beads, bright stones, multiple bangles and rings. The gypset style embraces bare feet, road trips, travelling to exotic locations and attending festivals.

beaty and styling



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