1920’s everyday make-up

All products are MAC products, I am not promoting the products but the look by using my own cosmetic products.

I used the following products to create this look, NC 30 concealer, N1 foundation, Brule eyeshadow, Dipdown pro long wear fluid line, Sketch eyeshadow, Rule matte eyeshadow, Smolder eye kohl eyeliner, Lingering eye brows pencil, Retro matte ruby woo lipstick and Satin lipstick.


Products that you can use to recreate the 1920’s contemporary look is you everyday foundation and concealer, flesh tone eyeshadow, brown eyeshadow, purple eyeshadow, orange eyeshadow, black eyeliner, brown eyeliner, red lipstick and brown lipstick.

Take into consideration that the focus feature of the 1920’s look is the eyes, brows and lips.




Firstly you take your concealer and conceal any ‘textures’ on the face and then you take your foundation and cover your face. I used NC 30 concealer and N1 foundation. Do not contour or highlight the face.


Moving on to the eyes, firstly place Brule eyeshadow, which is the flesh tone eyeshadow over the whole eyelid from area one to three and up to the brow. Take Dip down pro long wear fluidline and dab your brush in it, this is the brown eyeshadow, and apply the product on the eyelid and move the brush from the inner corner of the eye up to the eyebrow.. Remember less is more because you can always add. Add sketch eyeshadow on top, which is the purple eyeshadow and blend it. Then take the orange eyeshadow, I used Mac’s Rule Matte eyeshadow and apply it in the crease of the eye. Take your black eye liner and apply it in the bottom waterline, add sketch eyeshadow to it and add the Rule matte over the previously added products. At the black eyeliner on top of the lid and smudge it with your brush, thereafter add Sketch eyeshadow and then Rule Matte eyeshadow. And finally add your mascara. The eyebrows are a very thin pencil line. I used Lingerie eyebrow pencil which has a fine point, draw a curved shape on top of your brows and extend the brow downwards to the outer corner. Use black or brown pencil.


The lips is a rosebud shape which means you have to overdraw the cupid bow and overstate the bottom lip. When you draw in the lip you should make the width more narrow and the corner of the lips shorter than the natural lips. Mix the brown and red lipstick on the palm of your hand and apply to the lips with a brush.


Finally we can apply blush. The blush should be applied in a visible circle representing a youthful look. Place the Brule Matte eyeshadow which is the orange eyeshadow on the apple of the cheeks in a circular motion.


And my dear flapper, get your feathers out, your pearls draped and start tapping those feet, because you have been transformed back to the 1920’s era.



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