Moon inspired t-shirt.

If you are a selenophile, why not wear the moon on your shirt?

 1st page

This is a DIY moon inspired project, where an old, plain black shirt is transformed into a moon inspired snipped top. What you will need is a big round plate, chalk, white and yellow paint, brushes, a ruler, cello tape, 2 pieces of A4 paper and your t-shirt.

Place your shirt inside out on a table or flat surface. Place your plate on the back of your t-shirt and with chalk draw the outline of the plate. Take your ruler and divide the circle in evenly thick lines. Fold your t-shirt in half at the back and start cutting on the lines, hold the material firmly as you will be cutting through two materials at one time.

2nd page

Cut away at the sleeves of the t-shirt to give it a grunge look. Draw a half circle at the neckline and cut away, again both pieces of material at the same time. Just for fun, I added two more cuts on each side of the t-shirt on the shoulder area.

3rd page


Take your A4 piece of paper and fold it 3 times in half, draw a half circle at the end of the paper which is the closed end. Repeat with the second piece of paper. Place your two pieces of paper in landscape format on your t-shirt and secure it with cello type

4th page

 Take your white and yellow paint and roughly apply the white paint first to the shirt inside the hole. Secondly take the yellow paint and dab it firmly onto the white. The technique requires you not to paint but to press down with the paint brush to create texture and mixture of colours.

5th page

Let the t-shirt dry for a few hours and put on your moon inspired DIY t-shirt.

1st page


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