Fancy fringes DIY


DIY : fancy fringe.

To cut your own fringe takes guts, but at least if you mess it up you can call it a trend. The most important thing to remember is less is more, you can always keep on trimming, but once you trimmed to much its game over.

Firstly, gather you pair of scissors, preferable hair scissors, I donโ€™t think using your school scissors is a smart idea. Get your blow-dryer out and your comb.


First step is to make your hair wet, you can only cut your fringe if its wet, but take note that cutting your hair when its wet, will shorten when you dry the hair. It is important to cut your bangs one or two centimetre longer than you actually want it. Start coming out that hair and when all the knots are gone we can finally start.


Put your hair in a pony tail at the back of your head to get the hair out of the way.Comb your bangs to the front and make sure to lay them flat against your forehead.4

Gather all the hair that you would like to cut in your index and middle finger, like they are pretend scissors.


Take your pretend scissors with your hair secured inside and twist across the face, two times, You litteraly rotate your pretend scissors to the other side , and do it again.


After twisting two times, take your real, very sharp scissors and cut across.


Bye bye hair.


Unleash the twisted hair and voila!

Take your finger tips and move your fringe around to make sure that the fringe falls where you want it to.


Blow dry your fringe, see where there are unwanted hair sticking through and trim them away.



It is time to admire your new look and new skill.

Put on some lipstick, add some blush and eyeshadow and apply mascara and go hit the town, showing off your fancy fringe.



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