Bangs are back with a bang!

Despite the flawless, breath-taking designer outfits that featured in the fall winter 2017 collection, the main focus was on the blunt, brow skimming bangs and the extremely short feathery bangs. By viewing the collections, the garments are always just a dream, something most of us will never be able to afford or wear, but the hairstyles on the other hand are totally in our reach, so pick up the scissors and cut away.

Fall winter 2017 bangs that are banging it.

If someone says the word bangs, also known as fringes, I immediately think of the legendary Cleopatra, even though her famously blunt bangs are a total myth. According to the fashion of that time all woman wore wigs of tight curls which was placed over their bold shiny heads, never the less , Cleopatra is on the list of legendary bangs and Elizabeth Taylor who was known for her role as Cleopatra.

elizabeth taylor as cleaopatra

The era of the 1920’s was the time when bangs became a focus feature. The most famous bangs of the 1920’s was the blunt, fringed cuts of flappers like Louise Brooks. Flap that fringe.

louise brooks

In the 1950’s the baby bangs became popular which is a short, wispy, impulse fringe which Audrey Hepburn pulled off marvellously.

audrey hepburn

In the 1960’s the legendary bangs was fairly short, side swept and placed beneath the beehives. Jean Shrimpton was the iconic beauty which popularised the bangs again. Bridgette Bardot is the other legendary icon of the 60’s who had outstanding bangs.

jean shrimpton

Jean Shrimpton

brigitte bardot

Bridgette Bardot



To this day the following three woman has the best bangs ever.

Yolandi Visser who is a musicians and is known for the band ‘Die Antwoord’

With time the bangs got shorter and weirder in the 2000’s.

yolande vissser fringe


In 2007 Kate Moss got blunt, thick straight across bangs which became a popular hair trend over night, but what about Kate Moss is not popular and perfect?

kate moss


Of course the lovely Zooey Deschanel who has taken retro bangs to a whole new level in the season ‘New Girl’.

zooey deschanel

If you are still wondering whether bangs are back or not, take a look at the celebrities who are wearing their bangs high and mighty.


Chloe Grace Moretz.

chloe grace moretz


Doona Bae

doona bae


Dakota Johnson, the actress in Fifthy shades of Grey and Fifty shades darker and her bangs are definitely pulling off the look of the character Anastasia Steele.



Gigi Hadid at the Paris fashion show week.



Bella Hadid, if both the Hadid sisters are pulling off the bangs, this trend is definitely hot.

bella hadid 2017 fashion show Moschino

Kendell Jenner

kendel jenner


Bangs are going to be a big trend in 2017, don’t leave the trend hanging rather get your bangs banging. This hairstyle requires to make such a small change, with a huge result, making you seem like a new person. Bangs are back in a big way this season, so grab your scissors or run to the hairdresser and cut away into the trend.

I hope that you can find inspiration in the images above to get your perfect bangs.



















































































































































































































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