The daring domination of the denim.

Blue jeans were originally created as workwear for the lower class, but the blue jeans has ascended to become to most dynamic piece of clothing item.


The blue jeans has been around since the 19th century when they were known as dungarees. During the world war 2 the dungarees became waist overalls and was known as a post war craze.


In Hollywood during the 1930’s the western cowboys stole the spotlight with their uniform of blue jeans.

western fashion.jpg

In the 1950’s woman adopted the denim from the male’s closet which was a symbol of increased sexual agency and liberation. The woman’s fashion denim transformed the blue jeans to a skinnier cut and look which is today known as the skinny jeans.1950s-jeans-blue-denim-white-stitch-p552-4574_zoom.jpg

The bellbottom jeans became popular in the 60’s and during this time the real trend was to personalise the jeans by using embroidery, patches and rhinestones.belbottom jeans.jpg

During the 70’s the punk subculture made the skinny jean the fashion statement of the era.


In the 1990’s the influence of the grunge style and hip hop culture made the blue jean fade, but the blue jeans came back with a bang in the 2000’s when Kate Moss and the Indie Rock took the skinny jean to a whole new level. Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera popularised the low rise jean. Bell bottom jeans made a comeback which is today known as the boot cut or the flare jeans.

low rise jean , bskate moss calvin klein jeans



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