Make the hole bigger. DIY: impressed with the distressed (jeans).

Why buy a new jean that looks old and worn out, when you can create your own distressed jean from an old jean.I used a plain blue pair of Levis jeans from my boyfriend’s closet which will be my art piece.

Before and after of the jeans.

I want to give my jean a destroyed look, but my intetions are not to show more skin than jean.

Firstly choose the spot where you want to create your hole and cut a small insission into the pants. It is important that you know where you want your rips to be. Don’t overthink the process, by distressing your jean you are creating an unique look that reflects you- which will reflect your personality through your jean. 

Open the scissors and use one of the edges of the scissor to scrape the surface of the material against the grain of the threads. Use the sharp edge and point of the scissor to scratch the material to get past the vertical threads to expose the white threads.
Tada. You have just created your very own , one in a million , garment which will make you stand out from the crowd.
Final step, slip into your rock star inspired jeans and release your inner diva. If you aren’t as exhilarated as I am to wear your jeans, you can first through them  in the wash and let them dry to get rid of all the excess material, but, aint no body got time for that! 


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