Torn, to be worn

There is no reason why you should through away your favourite garment that you accidently ripped or torn, because it is a trend!  Old, rugged and torn clothes no longer have to be thrown away because we can rather just make the hole bigger!

Distressing garments are nothing new, it is most popular in denims, but these days the distressed look has taken over leggings, sweaters and tees. The distressed and destroyed garments are creating an edgier look inspired by the 90’s grunge fashion.

By pulling off this look without looking like a homeless person, use your deconstructed item as a statement piece and keep the rest of your outfit simple. Cut, rip and tear those jeans or tees to personalise and quirk it!

Distressed jeans and t-shirts are even more expensive than normal jeans, so why buy it, when you can create your own. On next week’s article I will reveal how you can create your own distressed item, without spending money to buy a new item of clothing.


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